Resin sand molding line is a flexible system is for casting piece weight and sizes. It could be flaskless or into flask. Even though it’s not very fast, some automatic lines can reach up to 15 molds per hour. It’s not suitable for very fast, bulk production but suitable for different sizes of casting pieces.

Resin sand molding line systems consist a mixer, vibrating table, roller conveyors, mold rotator and transporter manipulators or roll out and sand reclamation machines. System is designed considering cast piece size, weight and amounts. Molding sand and resin are mixed into mixer and filled into flasks most of the time under vibration. Resin addition hardens sand. After preparing upper and bottom molds, they are closed together to get melt inside.

IDEAL MODEL has a deep experience and know-how related to turn-key resin sand foundries besides their own production machinery in this field. We can provide resin sand systems among with our global partners and own productions.