WEIIJING is a foundry machine manufacturer dedicating to provide professional machines, services and solutions with premium quality and competitive price for global foundries. WEIJING has two premises in China, located at Suzhou and Jining with total 9000m2 production area.

Currently WEIJING manufactures degating wedge, runner cutter, degating hammer, automatic grinding machine, automatic pouring machine and molten metal transfer systems.

IDEAL MODEL contributes with its experience and knowledge to strengthen the cooperation with WEIJING, morever to be able to provide the customers the best solutions as it always does.


Degating wedge is used for seperating runner/gatings from the casting part. It is especially preferred for automatic molding lines. The machine can be operated on the waist level or ground level, depending on the production site conditions. Degating wedge has two types of working: horizontal and vertical This machine minimizes labor force, increases working safety and runner separation speed.


Runner cutter is mainly used for cutting the runner parts and make it more convenient to charge the furnace for remelting these parts. The machine has highly flexible operation, it can cut the runner bar no matter it is straight or not; it can operate at waist level or ground level. Two handed opearation helps the user easy to position the cutter.


Degating hammer is a great machine specially designed to quickly break the risers from iron cast-ings, steel castings and steel alloy castings.Comparing to sledge hammer, flame cutting, the degating hammer doesn’t damage the casting body. Meanwhile, it is absolutely safer, more quicker, more environment friendly. lt can help the foundries to reduce the degating cost and improve the degating efficiency.


WEIJING manufactures two types of Automatic Grinding Mahcines:

Double Axis Foundry Grinding Machine with double grinding stations

It is designed to grind the sprue butts or runner butts on the round surface of circular castings.

5-6 Axis Foundry Grinding Machine

It is designed for grinding the riser butts or parting lines of iron or steel castings. Repeatable grinding accuracy is controlled by NC operation system. Pallet changer can help users to improve the grinding efficiency since the operator can put the next casting on the outside pallet when the first one is under processing inside.


WEIJING manufactures tilting type pouring machines. This design can make sure the pouring volume of molten iron each time is absolute same at diverse angles. No matter the horizontal molding lines or vertical molding lines, WEIJING can present the right and suitable pouring system solution for the foundries. The ladle capacity can reach up to 1200 kg.