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Our founder, Suayip Dayioglu who started as a pattern maker for foundries and achieved big goals in his business life with IDEAL MODEL, says: “Pattern (tool) maker is an artist of industry” in one of his articles published and points out the importance of this job. Therefore, many successful “brand architects” are pattern (tool) makers themselves.

IDEAL MODEL was founded in 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey, and achieved significant goals in a short time with successful projects. We expanded our core business from pattern making to spares and foundry machines especially used in iron and steel foundries at that time.

The very first engine block patterns, key military projects, and localization of global automotive brands’ parts were some of the important projects which we led. We’ve done many of the “first” for the industry.

We’ve also made technical cooperations with global brands in the foundry sector. Many designs were created by IDEAL MODEL with the experience we’ve achieved in the foundries and they were crowned with patent rights. IDEAL MODEL is the worldwide leader company, especially on products such as; foundry ladles and refractory ramming machines for inductions furnaces. Our products are used in many countries with high satisfaction and productivity.

Our company is not limited but mainly focused on; turnkey foundry projects, consultancy, feasibility, production of foundry machines and equipments, consumables used in foundries, foundry patterns and molds, etc. key businesses.

IDEAL MODEL has become a global brand with the overall technical and trust which has been earned for over 40 years in this business.

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We take the quality in the first place and all stages; starting from the design, and material selection and ending up with after service


Providing over 40 years of experience in foundries as a benefit for you with the foundry projects and equipment needs


We carefully listen your needs, understand and create solution offers to ensure you for the best decision making


Accepting mutual trust as a “sine qua non”, and we feel to achieve your trust in a result of our successful projects.