IDEAL MODEL was established in 1981 by Suayip Dayıoglu.

IDEAL MODEL establishes machine production and turnkey foundry facilities for foundries.

Of course, if you have this knowledge and experience, you can design and project your own foundry. As IDEAL MODEL, we offer you the most appropriate and impartial projects and solutions with our experience in foundry projects and machines, with hundreds of different facilities over 40 years. While making these evaluations, we create your projects completely independently, not by adhering to a manufacturer company.

We produce foundry machinery and equipment in our Dilovası, Kocaeli center in a 3.000 m² closed area. In addition to production, we also provide engineering services such as project design, feasibility and consultancy on turnkey foundry projects.

Our production and engineering services are quite extensive; We also have works for cast iron, nodular iron, steel foundries, as well as aluminum and copper-bronze foundries.

We offer you an approximate budget offer after you contact us, share the features and goals of the foundry you intend to establish, and fill in the question and answer form that we will send to you. After the pre-approval of our budget proposal, we officially start working and we make details such as detailed equipment list and layout drawings for your project. The whole process continues in communication with you and with your approval.

We provide services on issues such as capacity increase or modernization of your existing projects. After receiving preliminary information about the status of the existing foundry, we visit your foundry and conduct an on-site inspection and report accordingly. In this report, it lists what needs to be done to achieve your goals, and after your approval, detailed reports and production and purchasing processes begin.