PRIMAFOND is a leading designer and manufacturer of machines and equipment for foundry sand core productionin cold box, shell moulding and inorganic processes.

Simple, efficient, reliable cores machines and equipment, based on the combination of experience and continuous research of modern solutions offered by new and the ever evolving technologies.

Primafond is an Italian reliable partner in finding the best solutions to optimise your production. IDEAL MODEL represents Primafond in Turkey and we combine our experiences and production capabilities to the benefit of your investment plans in the foundry’s core shop side.


Core-shooter machines for Cold Box process, with either continuous cycle or automatic cycle. Sand capacities range from 5 to 150 liters. Core shooters operate vertical, horizontal or universal (four sides) parting; depending on the core parts. The machines have integral gas generator for amine.


Core-shooter machines for Shell (Croning) Process, for core and mould production using fix, roll over or rocking sand filling methods. Shell core shooters are used to make hollow cores. The core boxes rotate 180° after the shooting to drain the sand out of core box. Heating is optional by gas or electric.


After casting and cooling down, casting pieces needs to be departed from feeders and runners. Bulk production requires fast degating in process flow in order to avoid bottle necks. Hydraulic wedge feeder breaker allows to cut runners from the ductile iron casting pieces in a shorter time compared to cutting or using manual methods. System consist a special hydraulic unit which powers a scissor type of wedge cutter. Wedge feeder breaker has a hydraulic piston and durable jaws which goes between casting piece and feeder. Operating force is applied quickly to remove feeder from the part itself. Jaw types and dimensions are in a wide range and chosen according to cast cluster. Operation can be done on the floor or over the conveyor belt in bulk productions.


Pneumatic canon impact breakers to remove risers from the ductile iron and steel casting pieces.


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