IDEAL Refractory Ramming Systems including; wall rammer, bottom rammer, manuel and automatic ramming crane system is used in induction furnaces for ramming refractory mass with equal density and removes risks such as cracks and gas pockets risks in refractory. Ramming operation is completed in a very short time than other methods and life of refractory extends. More melting is done and induction furnace is used more efficent by shortening ramming operation time.

Foundry ladles has key function when melt metal is transferred from furnace to mold. During this transfer metal matrix also could be modified by treatment in order to achieve a “good cast”. Ladles could be categorized as foundry ladles, transfer ladles and treatment ladles according to their functions. IDEAL MODEL has been manufacturing ladles from 100 kg. to 30 tons capacity. We can provide steel plant ladles over 30 tons via our worldwide partners. Besides the wide range of products, special design tailor made ladles could be designed and manufactured by IDEAL MODEL.

IDEAL MODEL preheating unit is used for dehumidification of ladle lining and also for preheating the ladle before melt intake. It can be preffered as working with natural gas or LPG. Heat diagram can be drawn with PLC controlled types and comes with proportional valve control. Besides PLC control, step control device is used for more simple operations.

Our reduction gears which are specially designed for ladles considering needs in foundries and having autoblocking, brake, and also casted body would be offered individually besides along with our ladles. “G-LOCK” gearboxes are designed and manufactured according to EN 1247 foundry machinery safety standards with all its features and properties.

IDEAL MODEL provides new generation automatic pouring machines which are designed to run pouring in automatic molding lines, and which could be easily integrated with the molding line with the same speed. Ladles are suitable ann designed according to molding line type and speed, having a moving car to adjust position easily. There are full automatic and semi automatic functions and equipped with automatic inoculation dosaging system, temperature meter and ladle preheating functions. It could be used in horizontal and vertical flaskless lines, horizontal line with flask. It is not a complicated system and has no extra consumable costs. Over hundreds of casting/pouring prescriptions could be recorded including name, weight, material, pouring temperature, pouring time, quantity etc.

The main functions of slag skimmer are to skim the floating slag on the surface of melting iron. If slag is not removed from molten metal, it causes quality issues and bridging of the charge. IDEAL MODEL slag skimmer avoids danger while slag cleaning by operators. Slags would be removed when molten metal is still inside the induction furnace. It’s much faster way than manual skimming methods. When furnace lid stays open in less time, more energy is saved.

We can design and produce automatic molding lines with molding, pouring and cooling sections and provide turnkey solutions combining with our colloborator partners’ products.

IDEAL MODEL has a deep experience and know-how related to turn-key resin sand foundries besides their own production machinery in this field. We can provide resin sand systems among with our global partners and own productions.

It’s crucial to make a decision for suitable pattern design in foundries when considering foundry conditions, machine and equipments and capabilities. We serve our experiences earned in years to design and manufacture patterns for foundries.