Foundry ladles has key function when melt metal is transferred from furnace to mold. During this transfer metal matrix also could be modified by treatment in order to achieve a “good cast”. Ladles could be categorized as foundry ladles, transfer ladles and treatment ladles according to their functions. IDEAL MODEL has been manufacturing ladles from 100 kg. to 30 tons capacity. We can provide steel plant ladles over 30 tons via our worldwide partners. Besides the wide range of products, special design tailor made ladles could be designed and manufactured by IDEAL MODEL.
IDEAL MODEL patented design “Rapid MG” sphero treatment ladles maximizes magnesium recovery and makes possible to use treatment alloy in the most effective way. Melt and treatment alloy are kept seperated by special sphero pocket inside the ladle and ladle is rotated upright position to start treatment when it’s desired. Closed lid keeps temprature inside the ladle and activates easy and rapid using.